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Let’sTell You About Me

On Call Cleaning, Inc. (OCC) goes above and beyond the concept of a conventional “maid” service company. We work with our exclusive members to build a customized Domestic Duty Plan, which is then executed by an OCC “Domestic Personal Assistant” (DPA) of their choosing. Our extensive services are not limited to traditional cleaning, OCC assists with every job, chore or specific task pertaining to high end households and its busy occupants. OCC’s Domestic Personal Assistants can create more free time and ease our client’s demanding schedules. Our Domestic Personal Assistants are capable of everything from organizing closets, changing the sheets, washing cars, preparing meals (which they have shopped for) and anything else required of an orderly household.

Societies’ perception of this once essential occupational role has been devalued and diluted by quantity driven “maid” service companies, selling instant gratification, while delivering mediocre results. OCC is redefining the role of “maid”, re-branding the image of “cleaning lady”, and renaming the position of “housekeeper “, by reintroducing hard work, meticulousness and quality as the cornerstone of the organization’s culture. OCC believes that Domestic Personal Assistance will once again become a staple of any well ran household.


Linden Rose, MBA

Linden Rose, MBA


Inspired Visionary

OCC is the complete embodiment of its founder and creator, Linden Rose. Linden is a New Mexico native who has an impressive resume of just one profession, entrepreneur. In 2003, at the age of 21, Linden obtained her contractor’s license and established Euro Painting, Inc. She produced unimaginable success with Euro Painting, Inc, all while paying her way (with the help of the NM Lottery Scholarship), full-time, through Anderson School of Business at UNM. Equip with the knowledge from her BBA, Linden spent the next decade making Euro Painting, Inc., not the largest, but the highest quality driven painting company in New Mexico. In 2011, Linden’s passion for education and hunger for knowledge led her back to UNM for her Master of Business Administration (MBA), graduating in 2016. While attending graduate school, Linden identified an opportunity to bring added services to her customers by launching “Unique Stone Resurfacing”, an extension brand to Euro Painting, Inc., which produced new value to customers, and companywide growth. Linden’s painting company is still fully operational and thriving, however, a true entrepreneur spirit is never at rest, on to the next dream. On Call Cleaning, Inc. truly brings together every passion, principle and perspective that Linden believes are key to success; cleanliness, education and determination. She is proud to bring her brand of excellence into the lives of staff and client alike.
Linden knows that being self-employed is what gave her the ability to adjust her schedule and earnings around the demanding requirements of college. This type of freedom, is ultimately what she believes allowed her to accomplish her educational goals. Linden is supplying employment opportunities that allow the same freedom of time and financial support, similar to that of being self-employed, to other ambitious, independent, self-motivated college students, so they can aim and reach as high as they dream.

A Novel Approach

On Call Cleaning, Inc. applies a systems approach to home care, aligning interrelated and interdependent household tasks to assemble an organized flow of domestic activities. Addressing and eliminating wasted time and inefficient methods to generate more leisure time for our clients to enjoy.

Pledge to Clients

On Call Cleaning, Inc. provide detail oriented, quality driven Domestic Personal Assistants who take pride in job performance, personal appearance and individual accomplishment. OCC facilitates long-term client/staff relationships that foster trust, reliability and cooperation to create a cohesive, harmonious household.

Commitment to Staff

On Call Cleaning, Inc. offers high wage jobs and self-imposed schedules to ambitious and domestically skilled college students. OCC helps students reach graduation by offering employment positions that cater specifically to their academic considerations.

Contribution to Society

On Call Cleaning, Inc.’s mission of increasing graduation rates, by providing employment opportunities that accommodate the needs and abilities of college students, will supply the work force, with highly qualified candidates and attract high paying companies to New Mexico, ultimately fueling our local economy.

On Call Cleaning, Inc. intends on making Domestic Personal Assistants invaluable assets for every high-end household in New Mexico. We encourage our DPA’s to build professional networks through the relationships with their clients. These networks can connect them to associates who will assist in securing careers after graduation. It is our vision for post graduates to stay in NM, joining the work force, eventually becoming the “client” themselves. This model of sustainability goes full circle, benefiting client, staff, organization and society.

On Call Cleaning, Inc. is going to set a new industry standard of “Domestic Care” by reintroducing “Old Fashioned” values of duty, pride and quality, at any cost over quantity. It is our fundamental belief at OCC that growth is the hallmark for success. Therefore, OCC has plans of expanding its territory by franchising across the U.S. OCC’s goal is to improve our nation’s economy, one household at a time.

Who says you can’t buy time?

We could bore you with detailed explanation of our services and insult your intelligence by providing lengthy definitions of “cleaning and organizing,” but that is what the average “maid” company would do. Instead OCC will demonstrate how combining and utilizing all our services can maximize household efficiency, by preventing time wastage, ultimately generating more time for our clients.

So how can OCC maximize your time, money, and energy? By leveraging all domestic activities, developing systems, and incorporating teamwork to emphasize the performance of the entire household as opposed to specific tasks viewed in isolation.

The central components of a well-run household are cleaning, organizing, shopping and personal care. OCC customizes personal Domestic Duty Plans (DDP) with our clients. The DDP addresses time inefficiency issues pertaining to the central components of the household. OCC takes a wholistic approach to domestic activities, considering all activities, their interactions, and how they may be contributing to inefficiency of time and resources. Think of DDP as a machine, it takes time to build and set up, however, once it is running, it works without further effort from our clients. Together we define our client’s goals, design a process to achieve them, then we focus on the collaboration of domestic activities to systemize for our clients, creating the most invaluable resource known, time.

Domestic Personal Assistant Services

Standard “Taking out the Trash”

Standard Cleaning Items
Scrubbed and Sanitized; from top to bottom with emphasis on final presentation.

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining
  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hobby Rooms (Study, Guest, Office, Gym, Studio, etc.)
  • Garage

The Niddy Griddy

  • Windows Interior & Exterior
  • Appliances; Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Trash Comp.
  • Laundry & Linen Services
  • Upholstery Cleaning- Carpets & Furniture

“Taking Control”

  • Interior Design
  • Re-Arranging Furniture
  • Closets & Drawers
  • Offices & Filing
  • Kitchen Pantry & Flatware- Shinning Silverware
  • Computer Cleanouts
  • Children’s Toys & Accessories
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Various Handyman Services – Hang Shelves, Pictures, Hardware Install, etc.

Personal Shopping:
“Taking out the Credit Card”

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Gift Shopping
  • Furniture
  • Organizational Items
  • Animal care & pet accessories
  • Various Errands

What Lies Beyond:
“Taking Domestics Outdoors”

  • Animal care- Pet Sitting, Grooming, Walking, Poo Pick-Up
  • Patios Makeovers-Beautifying Life Outdoors
  • Pools & Jacuzzi- Simple Maintenance
  • Motorhome & RV Cleaning- Interior/Exterior
  • Automotive Cleaning- Interior/Exterior
  • Yard Services – Cleaning Gutters, Weed Removal, Mowing
  • Various “Handyman” Services – Hang Shelves, Pictures, Hardware Install, Etc.
  • Power Washing -House, Patios, Exterior Furniture

Personal Care:
“Taking Care of You”

  • Receptionist & Secretarial Services
  • Execution of Tedious         “To Do” Lists
  • Meal Prep & Cooking
  • Errands of Varying Nature
  • Dry Cleaning Drop-off/ Pick-up
  • Shoe Cleaning/ Showing
  • Tutoring
  • House Sitting – Mail Pick-up, Water Plants, Check-In
  • Event Planning
  • Wellness Checks – We’ll Check in & Spend Time with Elderly Family Members
  • Can’t be there for Cable Guy, Let us…
  • We have a Domestic Personal Assistant for ALL our Clients’ needs.


  • Personal Training – Yoga, Pilates, Weights
  • Massage
  • Facials
  • Hair
  • Nails

Become an OCC Member

On Call Cleaning, Inc. services are designed for those who have more money than time. Those willing to pay for the creation of time by unburdening themselves of their domestic obligations. Entrusting personal, private and often sensitive assignments to highly skilled, quality driven, aspiring professionals.

Our client list is comprised of affluent, successful, accomplished men and women who know that time is money. OCC also caters to the retired, those who also view time as a form of currency and value our services as a way of creating more of this precious yet limited commodity.

OCC is a membership service company, and becoming a member begins with a call followed by an in-home-consultation. We will come to your home and discuss your specific needs, areas of inefficiencies, overall goals and means of achieving those goals. A modest monthly membership fee gives you access to all our DPA’s and their available schedules. Our trained DPA’s will execute the activities which will achieve your goals. However, once a preferred client, you gain the ability to have a DPA at your service “On Call” or whenever you need them. You simply log on, search our in-depth profiles and choose the staff member who offers the specific services you require. Once selected, you can self-book you DPA, (or multiple DPA’s)) on their personal schedule, for the length of time in which you need them. All DPA services are charged at an hourly rate and paid for by credit card at the time of booking, therefore you know the exact cost at the time of booking. We do not have membership contracts, you can use our services, month to month, at your complete disposal. The full terms of service agreements are provided and available for your viewing upon booking. However, should you have any questions we would be glad to discuss them more thoroughly at any time.

At OCC, we like to compare our monthly service to that of a gym membership. The more you use it, the more you benefit; the benefit being, more time in your life to do the things you want to do, not have to do.

Most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals, we refrain from incorporating any social media to network or develop our client relationships. This marketing strategy aligns with our organizational culture and fundamental belief that trusted, long term relationships can only commence with a friendly smile and firm handshake. If you believe that On Call Cleaning, Inc. can truly improve your quality of life, then call us today and allow us to begin creating more luxury time for you to enjoy.

Contact Director of Client Relations

Bart Stobienia

office: 505.600.CALL

direct: 505.440.3475

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On Call Cleaning, Inc.
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